Charlie Miller


Security Engineer

Charlie Miller is a security engineer at Twitter. Back when he still had time to research, he was the first with a public remote exploit for both the iPhone and the G1 Android phone.

He is a four-time winner of the CanSecWest Pwn2Own competition. He has authored three information security books and holds a PhD from the University of Notre Dame. Charlie spends his free time trying to get back together with Apple, but sadly they still list their relationship status as "It’s Complicated".

Vincenzo Iozzo


Director of Security Engineering
Trail of Bits

Vincenzo Iozzo directs security engineering efforts at Trail of Bits. Prior to Trail of Bits, Vincenzo founded Tiqad, an information security consulting firm, worked as a penetration tester for Secure Network srl and was a reverse engineer for Zynamics GmbH.

His specialized research in Mac OS X security, smartphone exploitation, and exploit payloads has been presented at information security conferences around the world including Black Hat, CanSecWest and Microsoft BlueHat. In 2008, he was selected to participate in the Google Summer of Code and developed a testing infrastructure for TrustedBSD, the Mandatory Access Control system that became the foundation for sandboxing technologies included in Mac OS X. Vincenzo serves as a committee member on the Black Hat Review Board and is a co-author of the “iOS Hacker’s Handbook” (Wiley, 2012). He is perhaps best known for his participation in Pwn2Own, where he co-wrote the exploits for BlackBerryOS and iOS that won the contest in 2010 and 2011 and where he co-wrote exploits for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari that placed second in 2012.

Jonathan Chow


SVP & Chief Information Security Officer
Live Nation Entertainment

Jonathan is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s leading producer and promoter of live entertainment and the parent company of Ticketmaster and the House of Blues.  Jonathan is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the enterprise-wide Information Security program for Live Nation Entertainment and its subsidiaries worldwide.  He has held this position since October 2012.

Prior to his current role, Jonathan was the Chief Information Security Officer for NBCUniversal from 2004 to 2012,  responsible for NBC Universal’s Information Security program for NBCU’s worldwide business units.

Jonathan is a popular speaker at industry events and is the recipient of several awards, including recognition as a Premier 100 IT Leader by Computerworld magazine in 2011 and Information Security Executive of the Year “People’s Choice” Award Winner in 2012 by the T.E.N. Executive Leadership Program.

Paul Coggin


Internetwork Consulting Solutions Architect
Dynetics, Inc

Paul Coggin is an Internetwork Consulting Solutions Architect with Dynetics, Inc in Huntsville, Alabama. Paul is responsible for architecting and securing large complex tactical, critical infrastructure and service provider networks. Paul's expertise includes tactical, service provider and ICS\SCADA network infrastructure hacker attacks and defenses as well as large complex network design and implementation. Paul's experience includes leading network architecture reviews, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing engagements for health care, service providers, utilities, banks, schools and tactical networks.

Paul is a frequent speaker on cyber security offense and defense issues related to service provider and critical infrastructure. He has presented at conferences around the world including DeepIntel, DerbyCon, BSides, Hacker Halted, TakeDownCon, DeepSec, SCADA [in]Security and the DoD Cyber Crime Conference. Paul is a Cisco Systems Certified Instructor # 32230, Certified EC-Council Instructor and a certified SCADA security architect. He has a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Computer Information Systems and is currently pursuing an MS in Information Assurance and Security. In addition he holds a wide array of certifications from Cisco, EC Council, ISC^2 and others.

Paul Davis


VP of Delivery
ThreatGRID, Inc.

Paul Davis is ThreatGRID's VP of Delivery, leading an expert team of malware incident response personnel, reverse engineers, and IT security operations experts.  He is a seasoned IT Security Executive with a global reputation for building and delivering successful IT Security organizations and services.  Paul is a sought-out individual with over 20 years of experience in solving business security challenges for top global companies.  Companies that he has worked with include EDS, General Motors, GE, Dow Chemical, The Washington Post, The United Nations, MCI, Prudential, and Mitsui.  Paul was EDS’Chief Information Security Officer at General Motors and EDS’Chief Security Officer at Dow Chemical.   Prior to that, he was part of EDS Federal with the responsibility for managing their client facing CSOs and CISOs, as well as developing new strategic security services. He ran Unisys’global managed security services provider service and built new security operations services and teams across the globe, in record time.

Donato Ferrante


Co-Founder and Security Researcher
ReVuln Ltd.

Prior to founding ReVuln Ltd., Donato was a Security Researcher for Research In Motion (Blackberry), where his daily job was performing security research and vulnerability assessments of RIM authored code, products and services including infrastructure, devices, and QNX operating system. Donato found several vulnerabilities in well known commercial products and open source software and his first public disclosed security advisory was released in 2003. Donato has been a speaker at various security conferences, including Black Hat, NSC, POC, CARO, Suits&Spooks and SCADA Security Scientific Symposium.

Kristen Hill


Director, Information Security Policy, Education & Awareness
CBS Corporation

Kristen Hill is the Director of Information Security Policy, Education and Awareness for CBS Corporation. Prior to CBS, Kristen was the Director of Information Security at EVO Merchant Services, part of the Information Security team at Tyco International and a high school History teacher.  Since entering the Information Security field six years ago, Kristen has created policy and training programs at three international organizations and earned a Master’s in Global Security and Counterterrorism from Rutgers University. She leads the Vendor Due Diligence efforts at CBS in addition to the policy creation and evaluation initiative and Information Security communications and training.

Ryan Huber


Risk I/O

Ryan is an engineer at Risk I/O, a security "Software as a Service" company. Prior to Risk I/O he spent the majority of his career at, where his varied roles included: management of the flight search farm, leader of EU information security at sister site, and finally architect on the security team where he explored the defensive side of security.

Elizabeth Keighley

Shared Services Canada

Elizabeth has been with the government for the past 20 years with 18 years in IT Security. The majority of her career was with DFAIT and continued with the transfer of her team to Shared Services Canada (SSC) in 2011. During Elizabeth's years with DFAIT she worked on the engineering, implementation and operational management of the department's classified global network; she spent 4 years as the Director of Informatics within the Consular Bureau; and she stood up and managed the departmental Information Protection Centre (IPC). With the transfer to SSC the DFAIT IPC became the IPC for the International Portfolio. In 2013 Elizabeth moved from the International Portfolio in SSC to the enterprise security group as the Manager of the GC-CIRT, with the mandate to create a team to perfom government CIRT functions (a function that was being performed by CSEC). The GC-CIRT is one of the key members of the SSC SOC, along with the Federal Information Protection Centre (FIPC) and the IT Security Incident Recovery Team (IT-SIRT) and in October of this year, Elizabeth's mandate expanded to take on the management of the FIPC.

Murad Khan


Senior Information Security Engineer
The MITRE Corporation

Murad Khan is a senior information security engineer with The MITRE Corporation.

He is the primary developer behind the ChopShop packet analysis framework, and part of the team at MITRE focused on combating targeted attacks. Primarily a C lover he is adaptable to any language, including Malbolge.

Sandra Liepkalns


Information Security Architect
Netrus Inc.

Sandra Liepkalns brings over fifteen years of managing and directing implementation projects as well as reviewing and strategizing secure corporate IT Architectures to meet industry best practices and compliance; and is a Lecturer at the University of Toronto, Certificate in IT Security Management.

During her career at Netrus, Ernst & Young and Unilever, she has designed, managed and implemented corporate security policies and awareness programs, including a stratified risk management approach to securing high risk and critical systems; designed procedure models for the management of third party network connections; developed third party Internet Web Service Provider security review and compliance models; and established global metrics and Internet, Wireless and System threat risk assurance modeling, testing, analysis and compliance processes. 

Sandra has participated as a security advisor for many projects including eBusiness / eMobile Applications, Threat Risk Assessments, Security and Privacy, Governance, Infrastructure, Network Management, Firewall, Internet, Web, Portal, Mobile and Wireless Technology for numerous corporations, government and government agencies in North America and Europe.

Kellman Meghu


Head of Security Engineering
Check Point Software Technologies Inc.

Kellman Meghu is Head of Security Engineering (Canada and Central US) for Check Point Software Technologies Inc., the worldwide leader in securing the Internet.

His background includes almost 20 years of experience deploying application protection and network-based security. Since 1996 Mr. Meghu has been involved with consultation on various network security strategies to protect ISP's in Southern Ontario as well as security audits and security infrastructure deployments for various Commercial and Governmental entities across Canada and the Central United States. Other past responsibilities have included day-to-day operational work in complex security networks, policy planning, management and documentation. Prior to joining Check Point, Mr. Meghu has held various network, VoIP and security engineering roles with European telecommunications giant Alcatel, a leading global information technology services company, Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and as a private consultant.

Dave Ockwell-Jenner


Senior Security Architect

Dave Ockwell-Jenner has an extensive background in technology: from building one of the Internet’s earliest major web sites, to helping secure some of the world’s most critical systems. He has led the development of solutions for some of Canada’s most prominent technology companies, including BlackBerry and Nortel. His work now focuses on security architecture of systems within the Air Transport Industry. Dave also helps develop and deliver training material worldwide, teaching up-and-coming technology professionals how to create more secure solutions.

Daniel Peck


Principal Research Scientist
Barracuda Labs

Daniel Peck is a research scientist at Barracuda Networks. He is currently focused on studying malicious messaging over social networks and email. Previous research includes comparing content and non content based systems to identify malicious accounts on Twitter/Facebook, exploiting programmable logic controllers, and identifying/classifying malicious javascript. Peck has a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Paul Royal


Research Consultant
Barracuda Labs

Paul Royal is a consultant for Barracuda Labs, the research and threat analysis division of Barracuda Networks.

In this role, he collaborates with a team of researchers on the design and implementation of technologies that enhance the company’s ability to protect users and online communications. When not consulting for Barracuda Labs, Paul is a Research Scientist in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech and Associate Director of the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC).

Justin Seitz


Senior Security Researcher
Immunity Inc.

A Senior Security Researcher for Immunity, Justin Seitz, has over a decade of experience in a variety of roles, from development to systems administration and security.

His time at Immunity is spent consulting and training Fortune 500’s, law enforcement, and government. In his downtime he spends time working on antivirus evasion techniques, bughunting and CANVAS development. He is the author of “Gray Hat Python” and has another book due out April 2014.

Wesley Shields


Lead Information Security Engineer
The MITRE Corporation

Wesley Shields is a lead information security engineer with The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that manages federally funded research and development centers.

Wesley spends his days (and all too often his nights) analyzing network protocols, malicious software and anything else shiny and interesting. He is part of a team focused on building custom tools to collect and analyze data from a variety of sources, and also to augment commercial capabilities in these areas. His team is responsible for providing actionable intelligence on adversarial activity.

Chris Valasek


Director of Security Intelligence

Christopher Valasek is the Director of Security Intelligence at IOActive, an industry leader in comprehensive computer security services.  Valasek specializes in attack methodologies, reverse engineering, and exploitation techniques. While widely regarded for his research on Windows heap exploitation, he also regularly speaks on the security industry conference circuit on a variety of topics. His previous tenures include Coverity, Accuvant LABS, and IBM/ISS. Valasek is also the Chairman of SummerCon, the nation’s oldest hacker conference. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

William Varma


Consultant - Technology, Audit & Security

William is a Global Information Technology Sr. Consultant with 20 years of demonstrated experience in planning, developing and executing IT strategies to address business opportunities. His expertise is in Technology Advisory, Risk Management, Security, Cloud Computing, BYOD, IT Governance, Information Systems Audit, Outsourcing and Contract Management. He has an established record in transforming and simplifying IT processes while delivering bottom line measurable benefit, and has successfully directed technology transformation in large, global organizations by bringing clarity and direction to strategic and tactical decisions enabling immediate savings and assuring future, profitable business growth. William has directed teams of up to 40 people (20 contractors) and managed annual budgets of $16+ million. He has demonstrated strengths in setting IT strategy, operational agility, value analysis, capacity planning, large systems deployment, benchmarking, problem solving, crisis management, and creating/leading cohesive teams for various initiatives. He has the ability to coach/mentor individuals to motivate peak performance while driving sustained revenue growth.

Kyle Wilhoit


Threat Researcher
Trend Micro

Kyle Wilhoit is a Threat Researcher at Trend Micro on the Future Threat Research Team. Kyle focuses on original threat, malware, vulnerability discovery/analysis and criminal activity on the Internet. Kyle also actively tracks targeted malware based espionage worldwide. Kyle has spoken at many worldwide conferences such as FIRST, HiTB, and Blackhat US/EU and he has been featured on New York Times, LA Times, Fox Business and ABC. Prior to joining Trend Micro, he was the lead incident handler and reverse engineer at a large energy company, focusing on ICS/SCADA security and targeted persistent threats. Kyle is also involved with several open source projects and actively enjoys reverse engineering things that shouldn’t be.

Scott N. Wright


Security Perspectives Inc.

Scott Wright is a Canadian security consultant, trainer and researcher who splits his time between three different realms of information security. Scott has been providing security guidance to network engineers on IT projects for over 15 years. With increasing frequency, he can be found training business teams on situational and security awareness, as well as dropping homesick USB drives and smartphones among unsuspecting crowds of corporate and public computer users. Scott’s vision is to help business managers achieve a healthy mix of productivity and infosec risk across their entire organization through assessment, consultation and educational initiatives.

Yves Younan


Senior Research Engineer

Yves Younan is a Senior Research Engineer on the Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) at Sourcefire where he works on vulnerabilities and mitigations. Prior to joining Sourcefire, he worked as a Security Researcher with BlackBerry Security. Before joining BlackBerry, Yves was an academic, founding the Native Code Security group within the DistriNet research group at the Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven) in Belgium.  He received a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Free University of Brussels (VUB) and a PhD in Engineering: Computer Science from the Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven). His PhD focused on building efficient mitigations against vulnerability exploitation resulting in the publication of several practical mitigations.  He has over 40 publications and presentations at international conferences and journals, including RSA, Pacsec, PH-Neutral, Phrack, CCC conference, ACSAC, What the Hack, DIMVA and the ACM Computer and Communications Security conference.

Recent News

October 29, 2013

Our final speaker for COUNTERMEASURE 2013 has been announced - Elizabeth Keighley, Manager GC-CIRT at Shared Services Canada.  Her topic will be "SSC SOC and Cyber Security for the GC".  Don't miss this important talk!

October 21, 2013

We are very pleased to add Daniel Peck, Principal Research Scientist at Barracuda Labs, to our roster of COUNTERMEASURE 2013 speakers.

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